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Alumnus Brent Billingsley putting it together

Billingsley (L) and Michael Coppage (R) in front of the Avondale mural.

Learn how encountering Jennifer Purdum’s community arts class at Miami Hamilton put Brent Billingsley (Miami ’13) on a new path that led to using art to work with youth in the Cincinnati and surrounding area. One of the artists for Cincinnati’s Black Lives Matter mural, Billingsley helps young people see that each doing their own part is important, but even better when all those parts are put together.

Community Arts

Roscoe Wilson and Andy Au help us investigate the Community Arts major in this student-produced video. Learn what makes this degree unique, what classes you would take and how it will prepare you for a variety of careers by providing broad exposure to the arts with a specialization in at least one area of creativity, and a connection to civic development and community engagement.

Faculty Spotlight

Roscoe Wilson

Roscoe Wilson

Community Arts faculty member Roscoe Wilson's work is featured as part of the "Portopia" exhibit in Middletown.

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