Andrew Au: "The Republic of Dark"

This body of work is a return to etching for me. I have always enjoyed the textural qualities that etching can provide, reminiscent of aged sketches, weathered by time. In 2016, I felt blindsided by the election of Donald Trump. The election became a consciousness raising event that our nation had willfully chosen this direction of leadership. It seemed as though our empire was somehow in its twilight, our own Hellenistic Period upon us. The imagery is based on the tension and apprehension that I felt. What imagery would accompany an empire losing its position and moral compass? Many of the plates borrow from Hellenistic tropes, figures in roles of dominance and subordination, a pre-occupation with death and combat, psychological splits within a frame, or general sense of tension and apprehension. The plates are fragmentary, cut and punctured, tarnished and corroded.

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Andrew Au Vis Major (Superior Force)