Cecilia Suhr

Cecilia Suhr art exhibit.

Abstract 2-D mixed media painting. Shades of gold, tan,red and black on a light-colored background. Over the past year the multi-media art and scholarship of Dr. H. Cecilia Suhr, Associate Professor for the Department of Humanities and Creative Arts, has attracted audiences from New York to Seoul. From September 10th until December 5th Suhr’s work was seen in a solo exhibition and performance for Brooklyn’s Scholes Street Studio. According to Suhr…

“This exhibition features improvisational performances with violin, interacting with the movement and sound in the augmented reality art piece.  Crossing the boundaries between analog and digital states, sound and vision, stasis and movement, this exhibition culminates in interdisciplinary, multimedia works that exist at the intersection of fine arts, technology and live performance. As a whole, the work strives to demonstrate the strong linkage between movement, sound and art.” 

Last Spring, Suhr’s exhibitions were featured in a number of prestigious gallery and museum in South Korea. Her mixed media drawings and augmented reality art entitled Zeal series were selected as part of Contemporary Art Solo series at CICA Museum in Gimpo, South Korea. Simultaneously, the sequel series entitled “Flame,” Fine Arts and Augmented Reality Art, was also shown as a Solo Exhibition at the NamSeoul University, Iang Gallery from May 17th-22nd. Suhr writes that Flame series are “mixed media paintings and augmented reality artworks (including sound art) which captures the burst of spontaneous creative inspiration like firework sparks. Loosely drawing from Deleuze’s notion of “becoming,” this series emphasizes the idea that, rather than viewing artwork as a completed, fixed form, visual artwork can also be transformed and can continue to evolve beyond the viewers’ short encounter.” She further adds that “the exhibition was to show how interactivity can happen between audience and artist through the notion of imaginative co-creation.”

Left and above see some selections of her work that have been featured in these exhibits. At Miami Regionals this fall Professor Suhr is teaching courses such as Media Aesthetics (MAC 146) and Media Representation (MAC 212), Social Media Cultures (MAC 325).

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