George Vascik

"History and Politics on the Radio"

Dr. George Vascik, Associate Professor of History, shared his expertise on German politics on the airwaves this fall appearing on London’s “Drive Time Show” for Voice of Islam Radio to discuss the upcoming national elections and forecast the results.

The radio show follows several years of research and writing completed by Dr. Vascik to make the evolution of German politics more accessible to the world that culminated in the publication of his book The Stab-in-the-Back Myth and the Fall of Weimar Germany by Bloomsbury Press 2016. His is the first English-language book of original research complete to contain primary source documents translated from German to detail the stab-in-the-back narratives deployed by German political parties such as the Nazis to undermine the legitimacy of the Weimar Republic. His work has had an immediate impact on the field cited by historians such as Noah Benezra Strote in his book Lions and Lambs: Conflict in Weimar and the Creation of Post-Nazi Germany by Yale University Press 2017.

Locally, Professor Vascik appeared this summer before the Butler County Historical Society to present his talk on the First World War titled “The Road to War,” and shared his research on “Peasant Proprietors and Local Patriotism in East Friesland” at the annual meeting of the Agricultural Historical Society in Grand Rapids, Michigan. A popular teacher with the Regionals students, this fall he is teaching a number of sections of HST 121 Western Civilization online and in face-to-face classrooms.