HCA Department Award

HCA Annual Department Awards


The overall purpose of the HCA Annual Department Awards is to identify students enrolled in Humanities and Creative Arts courses at Miami University Regional Campuses and to provide those students with incentive awards for their dedication to excellence in research and innovation in creating unique projects in HCA disciplines: Art / Art History, History, Media and Culture, Music, Philosophy, and Theatre.


Any full- or part-time undergraduate and College Credit Plus (CCP) student who has successfully completed at least one (1) course taught in the Department of Humanities and Creative Arts (HCA) during the current academic year. Recommendation by at least one (1) full-time HCA faculty member is required.


Student demonstrates exemplary and outstanding performance in academics, commitment to best practices, and creativity/innovation in an HCA discipline.

Student maintains good academic standing at the time of nomination.

At least one (1) full-time HCA faculty member completes the nomination form online.

Project must be completed within academic year and prior to award.

Timeline (No Exceptions)

Friendly reminders in April and August

Start Entry: January 31st

Final Entry Deadline: March 1, 11:59 p.m. (No exceptions or petitions)

Committee Voting: By March 31st

Winners Announced: TBD

Application Process

HCA faculty nomination forms will be accepted during the stated timeline only. No exceptions will be made.

Faculty member must complete and submit the online nomination form in support of the student.

No paper copies or e-mail submissions will be accepted.

Selection Process

Nominations will be evaluated by the Scholarship and Awards Committee. Committee members may not evaluate a submission by a student they have recommended. In their place, members from among the HCA faculty will be appointed.

Submission should include the Basic Information file and the Project Information file described under Online Submission Requirements.

Judging Process

Each HCA discipline will suggest criteria for projects originating from their area.
A general rubric will be developed for all disciplines.