Statement of Educational Objective

Instructions to submit an SEO:

  1. Download the SEO form to your computer before you start to edit. 
  2. Fill out the Statement of Educational Objectives form completely. Include your information (name, banner ID, etc.), which concentrations and thematic sequence you have selected, and individual courses for each portion of the SEO.
  3. Do not violate any overlap rules (discussed in BIS 201). Violating overlap rules results in an automatic rejection of your SEO.
  4. Include your rationale (space provided on following pages). Copy and paste your rationale into this section. The SEO and rationale should be contained in one document. If you have difficulty pasting it, save your rationale as a PDF file and combine both the completed SEO form and rationale into a single PDF (i.e., a PDF with multiple pages). The SEO form should always be the first document/page with the rationale following.
  5. Create a copy of the single document and rename it using the following naming format (example, your unique Miami ID is grimesrr, rename your file grimesrr_seo.doc or grimesrr_seo.pdf)
    • Word file, use: uniqueID_seo.doc
    • PDF file, use: uniqueID_seo.pdf
  6. Create a new email addressed to (Using ONLY your university email account) The subject line of your email should indicate that it is a SEO submission. The email should include a brief message indicating the purpose of your email. Lastly, include your name in the body of the email and attach the file containing your combined SEO and rationale.

When you receive a confirmation email from the email account, save the email. This serves as confirmation that you have submitted it. Your BIS 201 instructor may ask you to forward the email. In order to successfully pass BIS 201, you must submit your SEO to the SPRC.