Integrative Studies Seminars

The BIS degree program includes three required seminars that help you analyze and connect the knowledge and skills you gain from other courses and experiences. These seminars are each designed to emphasize a specific area: self, other, and product. While the three BIS seminars do have different areas of emphasis, each seminar builds on work completed in the the prior one and develops connections with other classes. The three required seminars are BIS 201, BIS 301, and BIS 401 (which also serves as a capstone). The three seminars emphasize the integration of your academic study, beginning with the planning of your degree and culminating in a major project that caps your learning. More information about each seminar can be found below.

BIS 201 Introduction to Integrative Studies

The emphasis of BIS 201 is the self. Students will be introduced to the BIS program and will investigate and examine choices within the degree. They will use self-reflection and research to better understand how learning can connect to their own career and life goals. In this course, each student will develop a personal Statement of Educational Objectives (SEO) and begin to develop skills in self-assessment and reflective thinking that will assist him or her in the pursuit of an individualized educational plan. Students must be sophomore standing and have completed ENG 111 prior to enrolling in BIS 201. In addition, students must successfully submit their SEO in order to be eligible to pass BIS 201.

BIS 301 Integrative Studies Seminar II

In the second required seminar in Bachelor of Integrative Studies program, the emphasis shifts to others. A key component of the course is service-learning, where students will have the opportunity to engage the larger community in a meaningful way. The service-learning project will help students continue to develop a strong sense of themselves as individuals, while stressing that at the same time they are also an integral part of a community beyond the classroom. In addition, students will begin tying together concepts and ways of thinking that they have learned in the diverse courses they have taken for their degree requirements. Prerequisite: Completion of BIS 201 with a grade of C- or higher. Students must have an accepted SEO in order to be eligible to pass BIS 301.

BIS 401 Senior Integrative Seminar (Capstone)

The last of the seminars, BIS 401 brings together BIS seniors in a way that will complete the integrative nature of their course work. The emphasis of this seminar is placed on product. Students will focus on creating and developing a culminating project that they may want to carry forward into their career or post-graduate studies. Prerequisite: Completion of BIS 201 and BIS 301 with a grade of C- or higher. Students should not register for BIS 401 until they have completed 96 credit hours and students must have an approved SEO before they can enroll.

Additional Information

Although all three seminars are required for students to complete their degree program, and the classes must be taken in the order noted above, the seminars do not need to be taken back-to-back. In other words, students do not need to enroll in the next seminar in the term immediately following the prior seminar.