Organizational Leadership

This concentration is designed for individuals working in any number of occupations in profit and nonprofit sectors who want a four-year degree indicative of their ability to advance within the organization and lead or supervise others. Organizations employing such individuals include business, government, health care, and not-for profit in areas such as client/customer service, fund raising, human resources, human services, manufacturing, office administration or management, public affairs, retailing, sales and training.

Concentration Course Requirements

Take two (2) of the following (including at least one STC course):

CMR 282 Computer-Based Business Analysis (3)

STC 239* Communication Theory (3)

APC 336 Advanced Interpersonal Communication (3)

STC 339* Introduction to Organizational Communication (3)

PSY 221 Social Psychology (3)

CMR 441 Social Media and Career Development (3)

Take all of the following, please note that ACC 222 can be substituted for CMR 302:

CMR 301 Personal Organization Skills (3)

CMR 302 Financial Information for Managers (3)

CMR 401 Leadership Decision Skills (3)

*STC classes were previously known as COM