Staffing and Recruitment

This concentration is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career in the staffing and talent management fields. This concentration allows the individual to select and combine disciplines to develop skills needed to function effectively in this dynamic and complex area.

Concentration Requirements

CMR 112 Introduction to Human Resources Management 3

Select two of the following: 6

  • CMR 202 Payroll Records and Accounting
  • CMR 241 Management of Business Operations
  • CMR 243 Management of Worker Relations
  • CMR 244 Introduction to Global Business
  • CMR 261 Customer Service & Satisfaction
  • NCS 202 Introduction to Nonprofits and NGOs
  • PSY 210 Psychology Across Cultures

Select one of the following: 3

  • ENG 313 Technical Writing
  • SOC 348 Race and Ethnic Relations
  • SOC 363 Sociology of Families

Select one of the following: 3

  • APC 428 Communication in Conflict Management
  • CMR 401 Leadership Decision Skills
  • CMR 441 Social Media and Career Development
  • STC 436* Intercultural Communication
  • STC 439* Advanced Organizational Communication

*STC classes were previously known as COM