Degree Requirements

All students must complete the entire Miami Plan (Foundation, Thematic Sequence, Capstone) in addition to specific BIS degree requirements. Students must be sophomore standing and have completed ENG 111 prior to enrolling in BIS 201.


The following table illustrates the overall degree requirements for a Bachelor of Integrative Studies degree. Additional details and requirements appear below the table.

Bachelor of Integrative Studies degree requirements
Degree Components Credit Hours
Miami Plan Foundation 27-28
Miami Plan Thematic Sequence 9
Concentration I 15
Concentration II 15
Integrative Seminars (BIS 201 & 301) 6
Miami Plan Capstone (BIS 401)  3
21st Century Literacies 6-7
Electives (or MPF courses) 29-44
Total Credit Hours 128

Additional Degree Requirements

  • Students must be sophomore standing and have completed ENG 111 prior to enrolling in BIS 201.

  • Students must select a Concentration II in a department/discipline different from Concentration I.

  • Students must complete the entire Miami Plan. If they have not met the Miami Plan Foundation requirements in their associate degree program, they must complete those courses in addition to the requirements of the bachelor’s completion degree. (Note: Miami Plan foundation courses can be counted for free electives and may be part of other requirements.)

  • Students must complete any additional prerequisites required for specific courses in this degree program.

  • Students must complete 32 credit hours at the regional campuses.

  • At least 21 credit hours must be taken at the 300-level and above.

  • At least 56 credit hours (out of the total 128) must be taken at the advanced level (200 or above).

  • Students should take 1-16 hours of electives.
  • Students must meet the general university requirements to earn a bachelor’s degree at Miami University:

    • have at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA
    • complete at least 32 credit hours at Miami University
    • earn a minimum of 128 total credit hours.