Faculty and Staff

Miami University's Justice and Community Studies program currently has six full-time faculty, who teach, advise students, assist in community outreach programs, and conduct research. In addition, the program has several part-time faculty members who hold no less than a master’s degree and have extensive experience in their respective fields.

Interim Chair

Dr. Marianne Cotugno

Marianne Cotugno
Interim Chair and Professor

Full-Time Faculty

Instructor Steve Bailey

Steven Bailey

Dr. Theresa Conover

Theresa Conover
Associate Professor

Dr. John Forren

John Forren
Associate Professor

Daniel Hall

Daniel Hall

Instructor Steve Schuchart

Steve Schuchart
Assistant Lecturer

Dr. Jessica Warner

Jessica Warner
Associate Professor

Part-Time Faculty

Affiliate Faculty

Dr. Kelli Johnson

Kelli Johnson


Peggy Schubert

Peggy Schubert
Administrative Assistant