Criminal Justice and Social Work Double Major

Professor Daniel Hall working at a table with students.
 Students in class working on commands.
 A student talking with an officer during a job fair on the Hamilton Campus.

Because social factors play such a role in crime and delinquency and due to the need for social workers who understand the criminal justice system, the Department of Family Studies and Social work and the Department of Justice and Community Studies offer a double major in Social Work and Criminal Justice.

Graduates of this program will be exceptionally well prepared to offer critical services to vulnerable populations, consisting of both offenders and victims, on a variety of levels including individuals, families, groups and communities. Social workers are employed in both public and private agencies and throughout criminal justice and legal settings including courts, police departments, and community based treatment programs. Jobs include:

  • Probation officer
  • Parole officer
  • Correctional treatment specialists
  • Juvenile justice counselor
  • Family court social worker
  • Forensic social worker

Core competencies and skills for social workers in criminal justice and legal settings:

  • Knowledge of the legal system and terminology
  • Strong assessment and interviewing skills
  • Ability to advocate for needs of clients, including advocating for community resources
  • Work successfully as part of an interdisciplinary team

Students are advised to follow the suggested curriculum plan closely.