B.S. Forensic Investigation

124 Credit Hours Beginning Fall 2020, Catalog Year 2021

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First Year, Semester 1
Course Name Hours
ENG 111 English Composition 3
CJS 101 Intro to Criminal Justice Studies 3
ATH 212 Intro to Archeology Theory & Methods or GEO 101 Global Forces, Local Diversity 3
MPF IIA Creative Arts 3
MPF IV Natural Science (biological) 3-4

Total Semester Credit Hours: 15-16

MPF IIA Creative Arts

Recommended course options

  • ART 181 Concepts in Art
    Introduction to visual and thematic concepts as applied to art in various cultures and historical periods. 
  • ART 187 Or ART 188 History of Western Art
    Historical survey of Western art, including development of concepts necessary for analysis and appreciation of great works of art.

MPF IV Natural Science

Recommended course options

  • MBI 131 Community Health Perspectives
    Discussion of community health primarily from the perspective of leading causes of disease and death in the U.S. Exploration of the impact of environment, behavior, and disease, including prevention and treatment strategies, on human health, public resources, and quality of life for society.
  • BIO 121 Environmental Biology
    Local, regional, and global environmental issues examined in the context of current ecological theory and principles of resource use and management.
First Year, Semester 2
Course Name Hours
CJS 211 Policing in America 3
CJS 271 Criminal Behavior 3
CIT 154 Personal Computer Concepts or CMR 181 Computers and Business 3
MPF V Math, Formal Reasoning & Technology - recommended STA 261 Statistics 4
ELECTIVE Elective 3

Total Semester Credit Hours: 15-17

Second Year, Semester 1
Course Name Hours
CJS 125 Law & the Courts 3
CJS 235 Forensic Science Survey 3
CHM 121 Intro to Forensic Chemistry 4
CIT 262 Technology, Ethics & Global Society 3
MP-AW Advanced Writing - recommended EGS 215 Workplace Writing 3

Total Semester Credit Hours: 16

Second Year, Semester 2
Course Name Hours
CJS 231 Law & Individual Rights 3
CJS 272 Forensic & Crime Evidence 3
CIT 358 IT Assurance & Security 3
MPF III Global Perspective 3
MPT Thematic Sequence 3

Total Semester Credit Hours: 15

MPF III Global Perspective

Recommended course options

  • GEO 101 Global Forces, Local Diversity
    Application of human geography concepts to patterns and processes of economic, political, and cultural changes at global, regional and local scales.
  • IDS 159 Strength Through Cultural Diversity
    A primary goal of this course is to facilitate students' abilities to build their cultural competencies and their abilities to work toward a socially just and inclusive world by providing the conceptual tools and vocabulary to think about, discuss and experience diversity. Topics covered include multiculturalism, ethnocentrism, prejudice, discrimination, privilege, the impacts of social and cultural change, and the engagement of students in the global community.
  • SOC 153 Sociology in a Global Context (online only)
    Designed to develop the sociological imagination - an imagination that allows students to place themselves in a larger, ever-changing global world. Serves as a prerequisite for upper level sociology courses and as an entry course for the Sociology major, Sociology minors and thematic sequences.
  • ATH 175 Peoples of the World
    Provides an appreciation of human cultural, social, and linguistic variation around the world and through time. Develops anthropological and ethnographic approaches to understanding cultural differences and similarities in political, social and economic organization; marriage and family patterns; environment and beliefs systems; and other aspects of globalized human cultural life.
Third Year, Semester 1
Course Name Hours
MAJOR Forensic Investigation Elective 3
MPF III Global Perspectives 3
MPT Thematic Sequence 3
ELECTIVE Elective 3
LECTIVE Elective 3

Total Semester Credit Hours: 15

Third Year, Semester 2
Course Name Hours
CJS 232 Criminal Defense & Adjudication 3
GEO 441 Geographic Information Systems 3
MP-EXP recommended - CJS 220 Field Study in Criminal Justice 3
MP-IP Intercultural Perspectives - recommended POL 142 American Politics & Diversity 4
MPT Thematic Sequence 3

Total Semester Credit Hours: 16

Fourth Year, Semester 1
Course Name Hours
CJS 461 Applied Research Methods in CJS 3
GEO 442 Advanced Geo. Info. Systems 3
MAJOR Forensic Investigation Elective 3
ELECTIVE Elective 3
ELECTIVE Elective 3

Total Semester Credit Hours: 15

Fourth Year, Semester 2
Course Name Hours
CJS 441 Evidence Law & Expert Testimony 3
CJS 485 Criminal Justice Capstone 3
GEO 445 GIS for Criminal Justice 3
ELECTIVE Elective 3
ELECTIVE Elective 4

Total Semester Credit Hours: 15

Abbreviation Key

MP-EL = Experiential Learning

MPF I = English Composition

MPF IIC = Social Science

MPF V = Mathematics, Formal Reasoning, Technology

MPT = Thematic Sequence

MP-AW = Advanced Writing

MPF = Global Miami Plan Foundation

MPF IIB = Humanities

MPF IV = Natural Science

MP-IP = Intercultural Perspectives

MPF IIA = Creative Arts

MPF III = Global Perspectives