Yelizaveta Skryzhevska

Professor and Regional Associate Dean

Mosler Hall 202


  • PhD Geography, University of Idaho 2007
  • MS Geography, Odessa National University 1990
  • BS Geography, Odessa National University 1990

Research Interests

  • Human Geography
  • Regional Development
  • Eastern Europe
  • Ukraine
  • Geographic Information Systems

Recent Courses Taught

  • GEO 101: Global Forces, Local Diversity
  • GEO 241: Map Interpretation
  • GEO 307: Geography of Central and Eastern Europe and Russia
  • GEO 441/541: Geographic Information Systems

Selected Publications

  • Yelizaveta Skryzhevska, Green, Jerry and Abbitt, Robbyn,  2013. GIS Text Content as a Basis for Map Interpretation Skill Development. Cartographica, 48(1), pp. 38-46.
  • Harley Johansen, Y. Skryzhevska, 2013. Adaptation Priorities in Russia’s High North: Climate Change vs. Post-Soviet Transition. Polar Geography
  • Jerry Green, M.Henry, Y. Skryzhevska, and S. Toops, 2012. Map Interpretation in Introductory Geography Courses: Syllabi Study. Research in Geographic Education. Volume 14, pp.42-54.
  • Yelizaveta Skryzhevska, Karacsonyi David, 2012. “Rural Population in Ukraine: Assessing Reality, Looking for Revitalization” Hungarian Geographical Bulletin, 61(1) 49-78.
  • Jamie Gillen, Skryzhevska Y., Henry M., Green J., 2010. “Map Interpretation Instruction in Introductory Textbooks: A Preliminary Investigation”, Journal of Geography, in print.
  • Yelizaveta Skryzhevska, 2008. Regional Inequalities in Ukraine: Causes, Consequences, Policy Implications.
  • Skryzhevska, Y., 2010. “Rural Population in Ukraine: Assessing Reality, Looking for Revitalization”, GeoJournal, in review.
  • Anderson, V.N., I. Kabanets, S. Kudelina, Y. Skryzhevska, “Integrated Environment Assessment in Urban & Regional Planning in Ukraine: Some GIS Application” in GIS/MARI ’94 Conference Proceedings – Utrecht/Amsterdam: EGIS Foundation, 1994, pp. 1949-1950.
  • Anderson, V.N., Y. Skryzhevska, “Solving Medical Geography Problems with GIS: The Case of South Ukraine” in JEC-GI ’96 Conference Proceedings- Ohmasha/IOS Press: Amsterdam, Oxford, Tokyo, Washington, DC, 196, pp. 857-861.
  • Anderson, V.N., Y. Skryzhevska, “Integrated Coastal Management with GIS: The Case of Ukrainian Black Sea Region” in JEC-GI ’97 Conference Proceedings – Ohmasha/IOS Press: Amsterdam, Berlin, Oxford, Tokyo, Washington, DC, 1997, pp. 738-747.