Recharge 2020: Tracks

Yellow and white patterned background with a drawing of a blue Olympic torch with orange flames and blue and gold text that reads: Recharge - Going for Gold January 16, 2020 Middletown Campus

Recharge 2020 Tracks

drawing of a trophy with olympic branches aroundChampionship Coaching

Motivating Student Success

Championship Coaching sessions will provide strategies to motivate students inside and outside of the classroom by providing literal tools for engagement, with an emphasis on technology.

Students in 2020 have many competing priorities. They work an average of 19 hours per week, 1 in 4 is caring for a child, they may have transportation or housing issues, in addition to trying to attend college part or full-time.

drawing of a pentagon with icons in each of the 5 sections to represent the various aspects of student life: clock, baby carriage, briefcase, bus transportation,  and dollar signModern Pentathlon

Changing Workforce Needs and Competition

Modern Pentathlon sessions will provide strategies to support students in working and attaining their education, as well as in providing students with skills and experiences to make them competitive in the modern workforce.

By 2020, there is projected to be a shortage of 875,000 skilled trade workers. Employers are offering on-the-job training, bonuses, and high wages without any post-secondary education. On the flip side, the rise of automation means that many students with degrees are underemployed.

drawing of a wallet with cash and credit cards sticking out of the top and a championship wrestling belt on the walletWallet Wrestling

Financial Worries for Students

Wallet Wrestling sessions will provide strategies to support students facing financial worries.

The majority of today’s college students are financially independent from their parents. However, 40% are living at or below the poverty line and 36% are facing some type of homelessness.

drawing of a brain with a barbellMental Weightlifting

Psychological Support for Students

Mental Weightlifting sessions will provide strategies to recognize students struggling with psychological challenges and ways to provide support.

Today’s college students aren’t more psychologically fragile. Instead, we see more of them seeking help due to a shift in the culture of mental health care. We know many of them struggle with challenges like anxiety, depression, and PTSD.