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E-Campus Distinguished Student Award


2020 E-Campus Award
E-Campus Award Winner Kelly

Kelly Donathan

Kelly Donathan looks out the window overlooking the 130-acre farm she and her husband bought a few years ago. Soybeans, corn, and cattle share the farm with the four members of the Donathan family. “It had always been my husband’s dream to own a farm.” Kelly tells me, “But I love living here. I grew up around this area and I enjoy this kind of life.”

Kelly is a hard worker. Not only is she a full-time employee for Miami University working as a Data Integrity Specialist but she also is a mother of two and a Miami student earning her degree in Computer Information Technology. “I first started taking business classes when I got hired by Miami. I earned my associate degree. Then I switched to Information Technology. I thought I would like programming but I found that I preferred the Agile concentration.” Kelly chose the agile focus because there is a huge demand for it. The skills she learns in this program can be used in a variety of careers making it a very valuable degree.

In order to balance all of her responsibilities, Kelly decided to attack her degree in bite-sized pieces. She takes a hybrid program with mostly online classes. Taking online classes allows her to stay in control of her schedule. “I can work on my classes while the kids are next to me,” Kelly describes her favorite things about taking online classes. “I like to work ahead and I can get the assignments done on my own time. The best part--no drive time!”

In May, Kelly was chosen by Donna Evans to receive the prestigious E-Campus Student Award. This award is given to a student who exhibited ​engagement with other students and faculty, contribution to learning, and has consistently produced exemplary assignments while taking a minimum of 50% of their current semester course load at online and Miami Regionals.

“I was really shocked to receive this award,” she recounts how she felt upon hearing the news. “I met Donna through her CIT448 class. She is easy to talk to.” Donna is a senior lecturer in the Computer and Information Department at Miami Regionals. She has always been committed to student success, serving on retention committees, taking students to conferences, and serving as an advisor in the IT department.

As for Kelly, she plans to graduate in December of 2020. She is looking forward to using the skills she has learned through her coursework at Miami in her job at Miami. “The CIT degree with an Agile concentration is so diverse. It allows for so many opportunities.”


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