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The Regional E-Campus office collaborates with academic programs to offer a growing number of online learning course opportunities each year, to respond to increasing student demand for flexible learning opportunities.   

Use the Course List to check the term and number of the online course. 


Online Course List

Below, you will find diverse representations in the Global Miami Plan requirements and specialized courses in many of the regional programs for online and hybrid course development.  More courses are being added to each term and you can check the availability of the course from the course list above. 

A – H


AAA Asian/Asian American Studies

AAA 248 Introduction to Asian American Literature

AMS American Studies 

AMS 183 Images of America

APC Applied Communication 

APC 201 Introduction to Health & Risk Communication

APC 336 Advanced Interpersonal Communication

APC 363 Advanced Methods in Applied Communication

ART Art 

ART 181 Concepts in Art

ART 183 Images of America

ART 256 Design, Perception & Audience

ATH Anthropology

ATH 175 Peoples of the World 

ATH 185 Cultural Diversity in the United States 


BIO Biology 

BIO 115 Biology Concepts: Ecology, Evolution, Genetics, and Diversity

BIO 116 Introduction to Biology

BIO 121 Environmental Biology

BIO 131 Plants, Humanity, & Environment (Hybrid)

BIO 161 Principles of Human Physiology

BIO 232 Human Heredity

BIO 325 Pathophysiology

BIS Integrative Studies

BIS 315 Comic Books in American Culture

BWS Black World Studies

BWS 156 Intro to Africa 

BWS 336 African American Writing 1746-1877

BWS 338 African American Writing 


CHM Chemistry 

CHM 109 Chemistry Fundamentals

CIT Computer Information Technology 

CIT 101D Computer Skills: Database

CIT 101S Computer Skills: Spreadsheet

CIT 101W Computer Skills: Word Processing

CIT 102A Digital Media and Design Tools: Dreamweaver 

CIT 102B Digital Media and Design Tools: Photoshop 

CIT 154 Personal Computer Concepts & Applications

CIT 157 Foundations of Information Technology I

CIT 168 Information Technology Tools and Techniques for Organizations

CIT 173 Multimedia Fundamentals

CIT 205 Agile Launchpad I

CIT 214 Database Design & Development

CIT 231 Healthcare Information Technology Around the World

CIT 253 Contemporary Programming Languages (Hybrid)

CIT 258 Introduction to Global Cybersecurity

CIT 262 Technology, Ethics, & Global Society (Hybrid)

CIT 268 Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction

CIT 273 Web Application Development 

CIT 281 Enterprise Network Infrastructure

CIT 284 Enterprise Server Installation & Configuration

CIT 286 Designing and Deploying Secure Enterprise Networks

CIT 306 Agile: Business Value Analysis (Hybrid)

CIT 307 Agile: ICP-Project Management (Hybrid)

CIT 331 Healthcare Workflow and Process Improvement

CIT 338 Business Intelligence Tools

CIT 348 Information Management & Retrieval

CIT 358 Information Technology Assurance and Security

CIT 376 IT for Organizations

CIT 386 Designing/Deploying Secure Networks

CIT 431 Health Information Technology I

CIT 458 IT Project Lifecycle II: Implementation and Deployment

CIT 468 HIT Project Lifecycle

CJS Justice and Community Studies

CJS 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice Studies

CJS 211 Law Enforcement

CJS 220 Criminal Justice Field Exp.

CJS 231 Criminal Procedure

CJS 235 Forensic Science Survey

CJS 245 Introduction to Human Trafficking and Contemporary Slavery

CJS 271 Criminal Behavior

CJS 281 Corrections

CJS 445 GIS for Criminal Justice

CJS 470 Budgeting and Financial Management for Criminal Justice

CJS 545 GIS for Criminal Justice 

CJS 611 Criminal Justice Systems: Theory

CJS 612 CJ Systems: Practice 

CJS 615 Statistics for Criminal Justice

CJS 631 Law, Liberty, and Criminal 

CJS 632 Legal Aspects of Justice Administration

CJS 641 Crime Analysis and Problem Solving 

CJS 685 Research Methods 

CJS 691 Capstone Project for Master of Science in Criminal Justice

CMA Community Arts 

CMA 111 Art Appreciation

CMR Commerce 

CMR 101 Introduction To Accounting I

CMR 105 Introduction to Marketing

CMR 106 Introduction to Business & the Economy

CMR 108 Introduction To Business Law

CMR 109 Quantitative Business Methods - An Introduction

CMR 111 Introduction to Management

CMR 117 Personal Finance, An Introduction

CMR 125 Medical Office Simulation

CMR 151 Introduction to Hospitality Management

CMR 181 Computers & Business

CMR 202 Payroll Records and Accounting

CMR 203 Computerized Accounting

CMR 207 Management Planning and Control

CMR 211 Economics for Commerce

CMR 224 Medical Terminology

CMR 241 Management of Business Operations

CMR 242 Management of Small Business Operations

CMR 243 Management & Supervisory Skills

CMR 244 Introduction to Global Business

CMR 252 Sanitation and Safety Principles

CMR 261 Customer Service & Satisfaction

CMR 263 Sales and Promotions

CMR 266 Consumer Behavior

CMR 281 Digital Media and Organizational Communication

CMR 282 Computer-Based Business Analysis

CMR 284 Technology for Knowledge Workers

CMR 285 Business Information Management 

CMR 286 Business and the Internet

CMR 301 Personal Organizational Skills

CMR 302 Financial Information for Managers

CMR 310 Introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology

CMR 341 Internet Marketing

CMR 351 Controlling Food, Beverage, and Labor Cost

CMR 352 Food Service Management

CMR 361 Small Business Marketing

CMR 362 Business to Business Marketing

CMR 363 Personal Selling

CMR 401 Leadership Decision Skills

CMR 402 Cross-Cultural Leadership Skills

CMR 441 Social Media and Career Development (290)

CMR 442 Current Issues and Innovation in Small Business

CMR 449 Senior Practicum in Digital Commerce

CMR 451 Special Event Planning and Management

CMR 461 Sales Management

CMR 495 Strategic Management for Commerce

CRE Critical Race and Ethnic Studies

CRE 151 Introduction to Critical Race and Ethnic Studies

CSE Computer Science and Software Engineering

CSE 151 Computers, Computer Science & Society

CSE 153 Introduction to C/C++ Programming

CSE 163 Introduction to Computer Systems and Programming

CSE 174 Fundamentals of Programming and Problem Solving (Hybrid)

CSE 262 Technology, Ethics, & Global Society (Hybrid)

CSE 271 Object-Oriented Programming (Hybrid)


ECO Economics 

ECO 201 Principles of Microeconomics 

ECO 202 Principles Of Macroeconomics 

EDL Educational Leadership 

EDL 100 Career Development for College Students

EDL 204 Sociocultural Studies in Education 

EDP Educational Psychology 

EDP 201 Human Development and Learning in Educational Environments 

EDP 256 Education of Individuals with Exceptionalities 

EDT Teacher Education 

EDT 110 R Learning Strategies for College Success

EDT 190 Introduction to Education

EDT 251 Research Skills & Strategies - Library & Internet

EDT 273 Prekindergarten Curriculum I 

EDT 274 Prekindergarten Curriculum II

EDT 242 P Phonics & Literacy Instruction

EDT 246 E Foundations of Language and Literacy 

EDT 272 E Introductory Child Development 

EDT 315 P Children's Literature for PK-5

EDT 362 American Government and Economic Policies

EGS English Studies 

EGS 215 Workplace Writing

EGS 319 Medical Writing

EGS 320 Readings in Literatures and Cultures

EGS 410 Readings in Multicultural Perspectives

EGS 420 Topics in Writing: Writing, Publishing, and Editing

EGS 421 Exploring Genre in Diverse Contexts

EGS 422 Creative Thinking, Reading, and Writing

EGS 495 Capstone in English Studies

ENG English 

ENG 007 Fundamentals of Writing

ENG 104 Writing Studio

ENG 105 Writing Studio

ENG 111 Composition & Rhetoric

ENG 112 Composition & Literature

ENG 134 Introduction to Shakespeare

ENG 143 Life & Thought in American Literature

ENG 151 Intro to Critical Reading

ENG 219 Introduction to Linguistics

ENG 226 Introduction to Creative Writing: Short Fiction & Poetry

ENG 274 English Literature 1901 to Present

ENG 293 Contemporary American Fiction

ENG 298 Introduction to Literary & Cultural Studies

ENG 313 Technical Writing

ENG 323 Intermediate Creative Writing: Creative Nonfiction

ENG 336 African American Writing 1746-1877

ENG 338 African American Writing

ENT Engineering Technology

ENT 135 Computer-Aided Drafting

ENT 301 Dynamics

ENT 310 Fluid Mechanics

ENT 387 Embedded Systems Technology

ENT 401 Computerized Instrumentation

ENT 402 Industrial Automation Lab

ENT 407 Modern Manufacturing Systems


FRE French

FRE 101 Intro to French

FRE 102 Elementary French (Second Course)

FST Film Studies 

FST 201 Film History & Analysis

FST 206 Diversity and Culture in American Film

FSW Family Science and Social Work 

FSW 206 Social Welfare: Impact on Diverse Groups (Hybrid)

FSW 207 Serving & Supporting Children, Youth, & Families 

FSW 245 Children & Families 

FSW 261 Diverse Family Systems Across the Life Cycle

FSW 281 Child Development in Diverse Families

FSW 283 Childcare Administration and Management 

FSW 382 Infant & Toddler Caregiving and Supervision

FSW 481 Adolescent Development in Diverse Families


GEO Geography 

GEO 101 Global Forces, Local Diversity 

GEO 441/541 Geographic Information Systems 

GEO 445/545 GIS for Criminal Justice 

GLG Geology

GLG 141 Geology of U.S. National Parks


HST History 

HST 111 American History to 1877

HST 112 American History Since 1877

HST 121 Western Civilization

HST 122 Western Civilization

HST 197 World History to 1500

HST 198 World History Since 1500

HST 270 Topics in European History (The Great War: WW1) 

HST 290 Topics in American History (Hybrid)

I – Z


IDS Interdisciplinary 

IDS 206 Diversity and Culture in American Film


KHN Kinesiology Health 

KNH 102 Fundamentals of Nutrition 

KNH 207 Serving & Supporting Children, Youth, & Families

KNH 245 Issues of Health & Wellness for the Young Child


LAS Latin American Studies

LAS 208 Introduction to Latin America

LST Liberal Studies

LST 302 Principles of Integrative Studies

LST 402 Capstone in Liberal Studies


MAC Media and Culture 

MAC 143 Introduction to Media

MAC 146 Media Aesthetics

MAC 206 Diversity and Culture in American Film

MAC 212 Media Representation

MAC 325 Social Media Cultures

MAC 447 Mass Media Criticism

MBI Microbiology 

MBI 361 Fundamentals of Epidemiology

MJF Media, Journalism & Film 

MJF 105 Intro to Media and Culture

MJF 146 Foundations of Production

MTH Math 

MTH 025 Algebra Concepts for Precalculus

MTH 101 Introduction to Elementary Algebra

MTH 115 Mathematics for Teachers of Grades P-6

MTH 122 College Algebra

MTH 124 Trigonometry

MTH 125 Precalculus

MTH 151 Calculus

MTH 151 Calculus

MUS Music 

MUS 185 Diverse Worlds of Music 


NSG Nursing 

NSG 301 Theory-Based Nursing Practice

NSG 305 Cultural Perspectives in Health Care (Hybrid)

NSG 311 Health Promotion Across the Lifespan

NSG 313 Assessment of the Well Individual

NSG 317 Teaching Strategies in Healthcare

NSG 325 Problem-Based Approaches in Nursing

NSG 331 Introduction to Nursing Research

NSG 341 Caring and Terminal Illness

NSG 343 Health Care Informatics

NSG 365 Nursing Research

NSG 402 The Professional Nurse Leader

NSG 418 Complex Health Problems

NSG 420 Focused Practicum Baccalaureate & Expanded Nursing Roles

NSG 430 Nursing Care of Aggregates: Families & Communities

NSG 431 Nursing Care of Aggregates: Families & Communities: Clinical

NSG 435 Challenges in Health Care Delivery

NSG 441 Health & Aging: Current Perspectives & Issues

NSG 461 Nursing Care of Older Adults

NSG 465 Nursing Senior Seminar

NSG 541 Health & Aging: Current Perspectives & Issues


PHY Physics 

PHY 101 Physics & Society

PHY 103 Concepts in Physics Laboratory

PHY 111 Astronomy & Space Physics

PHY 121 Energy & Environment

PHY 141 Physics in Sports 

POL Political Science 

POL 467 Public Budgeting

POL 567 Public Budgeting

POL 568 Personnel Administration 

PSS Psychological Science

PSS 211 Career Development in Psychology & Related Social Sciences

PSS 302 Introduction to Research Design and Analyses

PSS 310 Introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology

PSS 312 Drugs and Behavior

PSS 315 Learning, Memory, and Behavior

PSS 401 Capstone in Psychological Science

PSS 420 Advanced Topics in Psychological Science: Autism

PSS 420 Advanced Topics in Psychological Science: Women and Sport

PSY Psychology 

PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology

PSY 112 Introduction to Psychology

PSY 221 Social Psychology

PSY 231 Developmental Psychology

PSY 242 Abnormal Psychology

PSY 251 Introduction to Biopsychology

PSY 271 Perception, Action, and Cognition

PSY 485 History and Systems of Psychology


SOC Sociology 

SOC 153 Sociology in a Global Context

SOC 202 Social Deviance

SOC 203 Sociology of Gender

SPA Speech Pathology & Audiology

SPA 101 Beginning American Sign Language I

SPA 102 Beginning American Sign Language II

SPA 201 Intermediate ASL I

SPA 202 Intermediate American Sign Language II

SPA 312 Deaf Culture: Global, National, and Local Issues

SPN Spanish 

SPN 101 Beginner's Course I

SPN 102 Beginner's Course II

SPN 111 Intensive Basic Spanish

SPN 201 Second-Year Spanish I

SPN 202 Second Year Spanish II

SPN 241 Intermediate Conversational Spanish (Hybrid)

SPN 311 Grammar Review & Introduction to Composition

STA Statistics 

STA 261 Statistics

STA 615 Statistics for Criminal Justice

STC Strategic Communications 

STC 136 Introduction to Interpersonal Communications

STC 262 Empirical Research Methods

STC 428 Communication in Conflict Management


UNV University 

UNV 101 I am Miami


WGS Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies 

WGS 201 Introduction to Women's Studies

WGS 203 Sociology of Gender