Online Courses and Degrees

What Will You Do?

My Miami. My Future. My Way. Miami Regionals E-Campus online courses and degrees are designed to offer students the richness of a premier education and the flexibility of learning at the location of their choice. Whether you are interested in a single course or an entire degree, we have a path to success for you.

Why Miami E-Campus is right for you?

  • Nationally recognized university with academic, rigorous, and accredited programs
  • All classes are taught by credentialed Miami faculty
  • Diverse student population of mature, experienced community with global perspectives
  • Online students earn the same diploma as traditional campus-based students
  • Online course completion rates meet or exceed traditional campus-based course(s)

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Bachelors and Minors

English Studies
Applied Business
Health Communication
Small Business Management
Health Information Technology
Pre-K Education
faculty microcredentials


Microcredentials are an exciting, new initiative happening on the Miami University campuses. They are designed to create opportunities for anyone with an emerging educational (or skills) need - they can focus on broad, unmet needs in businesses, or they can be more focused on an individual’s need for a particular skill. Find out more!

Faculty Micro

Thematic Sequences & Minors

A Thematic Sequence is a series of related courses (usually three) that focuses on a theme or subject in a developmental way. Each course builds or expands upon knowledge or perspective gained from preceding courses, and some sequences prepare students for Capstone experiences. The first course may be a Foundation course and may count as hours in both Foundation and Thematic Sequence requirements.