Meet the Director

Dr. Susan V. Spellman

Dr. Susan V. Spellman

Associate Professor of History
Affiliate of Global and Intercultural Studies (American Studies Program)

Interim Director, University Honors Program, Regional Campuses
Room 576 Mosler Hall

Dr. Spellman is Associate Professor of History. She teaches undergraduate courses in US History, the history of capitalism, the Progressive Era, consumer culture, and historical research methods. Dr. Spellman received her B.A. in History, with honors, from Kent State University, an Master of Arts in History from Miami University, and a Master of Arts and Ph.D. in history from Carnegie Mellon University. Her research focuses on American business, capitalism, and technology in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. She is the author of Cornering the Market: Independent Grocers and Innovation in American Small Business (Oxford University Press, 2016), in addition to several articles on US business. She received the 2005 Russel B. Nye Award for the Outstanding Article published in the Journal of Popular Culture, the 2011 J. Franklin Jameson Fellowship from the American Historical Association and Library of Congress, and has held fellowships from the Harvard Business School and National Museum of American History, among others.

Dr. Spellman was appointed Interim Director of the Regionals Honors Program in Fall 2020.