The CLAAS Divisional Honors Program is designed to enhance the Miami experience for our most motivated and intellectually curious students. Incoming, transfer, and current Regionals students are welcome to apply.


Students pursuing any major are eligible for admission, but they must be enrolled as a Regional campus student or intending to enroll as a Regional campus student. Oxford campus-based students are not eligible for admission to the CLAAS Divisional Honors Program. Likewise, students enrolled in the University Honors College are not eligible to participate in the CLAAS Divisional Honors Program.

Students also must demonstrate a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA in high school or college coursework. Continuing Regional campus students who have completed fewer than 70 credit hours of college-level coursework are eligible to apply.

The Application Process

Regional Campus students apply to the CLAAS Divisional Honors Program through a written application. Access the application form


Students interested in applying to the CLAAS Divisional Honors Program may do so at any time; however, admission deadlines are February 15 for fall semester entry, and October 15 for spring semester entry.

Selection Criteria

Admission into the CLAAS Divisional Honors Program is both competitive and comprehensive, and both traditional and non-traditional students have found success in the program. All applications are carefully reviewed by the Director and members of the Honors Advisory Council, with the strongest candidates demonstrating excellent academic abilities and a sense of leadership, community service, and/or participation in extracurricular enrichment.