The University Honors Program is designed to enhance the Miami experience for our most motivated, intellectually curious students. The primary pathway by which students enter our program is through their college admission to Miami University. Current Miami students and transfer applicants can also seek admission to the University Honors Program.


There are no minimum criteria to be considered for the University Honors Program. Please review the appropriate information below to learn more about the respective admission processes. Students who are admitted into the program typically have outstanding academic records and impressive accomplishments outside of the classroom. In order to be eligible you must:

  1. Be matriculated to the Miami University Regional Campus.
  2. Be classified as a Regional Campus student the semester you apply
  3. Be classified as a Regional Campus student the semester you take and complete HON 181 (usually the semester you apply).
  4. Have earned fewer than 77 credits (exceptions may apply for transfer students).

The Application Process

Regional Campus students apply to the University Honors Program through a written application. Access the application form


  • September 1 to enroll in HON 181 in the Fall
  • February 1 to enroll in HON 181 in the Spring

Selection Criteria

Admission into the Honors Program is both competitive and comprehensive. While students who accepted typically have outstanding academic records, there are also many outstanding students who have had varied life experiences.  Both traditional and non-traditional students have found success in the Honors program at the Regionals!  All applications to the Honors Program are carefully reviewed for multiple academic and contextual variables, including the following (listed in alphabetical order):

  • Critical thinking ability
  • Demonstrated leadership and teamwork
  • Extra- and co-curricular involvement
  • Intellectual Inquiry
  • Potential contributions to diversity including breadth of life experiences, geography, ideology, lifestyle, race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or world view
  • Self-awareness and self-understanding
  • Special abilities, talents, and achievements
  • Strength of high school curriculum
  • Strong commitment to social service
  • Writing ability