Faculty Questions about TRIO

Who is TRIO SSS for?

Students are eligible if they are:
  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident (because we are funded through Federal Dept. of Education)
  • full time student pursuing a bachelor’s degree (or associate degree on the way to bachelor’s) in college-level courses
  • a regional student at the time of their application (but if they relocate to Oxford later, that’s okay. They can still be in TRIO through their graduation date). 
  • at least one of the following: 
    • first generation college student 
    • income eligible (Pell grant recipients)
    • have a documented disability (registered with Student Disability Services).

How do I know which of my students might need TRIO SSS?

Anyone could potentially benefit from being in TRIO. TRIO is not an intervention program but rather a program to serve all students who meet our eligibility criteria mentioned above. For example, we do have a few students on academic probation, but we have many more students in the honors program and on the President’s and Dean’s Lists. We help students with academics if they need it, but if not, we help them with other things, like goal setting, leadership skills, graduate school applications and other post-grad plans, scholarships, workshops on stress relief, time management, and many other topics.

How do I know if my student(s) will be eligible?

First, please feel free to refer any student  to TRIO even if you have no idea if they are eligible.  If a student is not eligible for our program, we will still connect them with other resources on campus to support them in their academic journey. We won’t leave them hanging! Additionally, if you have access to Navigate, you can check to see if a student has a first generation attribute. There is not a way for you to check their eligibility based on income, unfortunately. Regarding documented disabilities, if a student has accommodations through Disability Services for your class, then they meet at least one of the criteria above in question #1. We do not need to know their reason for or type of accommodations.

How do I nominate a student to TRIO?

You can use our nomination form, or feel free to email us at TRIOSSS@MiamiOH.edu with the student’s information.