Grace Chaney

Grace Chaney

My name is: Grace Chaney

My graduating year: 2021

My major is: Kinesiology and Pre-medical Sciences

What title do you hold in the TLC office? I am a Student Associate. 

What services do you provide the TLC office? I am responsible for scheduling appointments for tutoring and testing. I answer the phones. I manage the TLC room. I greet everyone entering our space.

Three facts I would like to share: My favorite subject is physiology. I am a part of the honor's program and pre-soma club and I love watching Netflix and going to the gym.

My goals for college? Become a doctor (either in emergency medicine or orthopedics) Travel to each place on my top 10 list.

Some of my achievements are: I am an ASCM certified CPT, made the academic president’s list, am in the honor’s program and went to nationals for the HOSA program.

I would describe myself as: I love the outdoors, am ambitious, enjoy learning and love my pets, friends and family.

My personal motto is:  “Don’t stop until you’re proud.”

A secret talent of mine is: I am ambidextrous!