Molly McDaniel

Molly McDaniel

My name is: Molly McDaniel

My graduating year:  2021

My major is: Nursing

 What is your title in the TLC?  I am the Student Office Manager.

What services do you provide for the TLC? I assist in running the TLC along with assisting the administrative assistant with whatever she needs. I also proctor testing and schedule appointments. 

Three facts I would like to share: My favorite subject is Psychology. I am the Vice-President of MUH Pride. In my free time, I like to go bowling or play underwater hockey.

My goals after college? After college, I plan to become a nurse, work hard, and travel the world.

Some of my achievements are: One of my achievements is placing eighth in the GCL Ohio girls bowling district.

I would describe myself as: I would describe myself as bubbly, confused, and slightly creative.

My personal motto is: "Just go with the flow."

I admire: I admire my grandfather, because he works really hard and always seems to be positive even in the toughest situations..

If I could meet any famous person, alive or dead, who would it be and why?: I would like to meet is Elvis Presley. I grew up watching his movies and listening to his music. It's a connection my mom and I share of the appreciation we share towards him.

What is a typical day like?: A typical day for me involves work, school, work, and food,

What is a secret talent of mine?: I can do a backbend.