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2 students studying in the library together.

Group Up! Study Up! Score Up!

Benefits of Group Study

Form Connections with Fellow Students, Gain Better Understanding of Subject Matter, Avoid Procrastination, and Increase Motivation and Accountability. 

Complete one of the forms below and then watch for an email sent to your Miami email address. Follow instructions in the email to confirm your interest.

If you would like to have a consultation with a learning specialist to maximize your group’s effectiveness, schedule a Study Group Consultation Appointment.

Chemistry (CHM) Classes

Biology (BIO) and Microbiology (MBI) Study Groups

Math (MTH) and Statistics (STA) Study Groups

Physics (PHY) Study Groups

Information Technology (CIT) and Computer Science (CSE) Study Groups

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Tips for Effective Study Groups


  • Organize your material.
  • Make study aids (charts, diagrams, flashcards, timelines).
  • Prepare questions from the material and or a study guide.


  • Establish goals for your study session.
  • Set a timer for a fully focused study session (30, 40, 50 minutes).
  • Reward yourselves with a five-minute break (go for a walk, eat, check your phone).
  • Share study techniques and ask questions.


  • Review the material that you covered.
  • Assess what you will need to cover on your own or in the next study session.