Group Tutoring

Fall 2020 Schedule:

These are in alphabetical order. To join a session, click on the red button corresponding with the course.


Diana's BIO 171 Room

M 12-2

T 9-10

CHM 141/142:

CHM 241:

Grace's CHM 241 Room

R 5pm-6:30pm

F 10am-11am

MBI 161:

MTH 025:

Kris's MTH 025 Room

M W F 9am-10am

M W F 12pm-2pm

T R 12pm-1pm

Scott's MTH 025 Room

M W 12pm-1pm

Ralph's MTH 025 Room

T 4:30pm-6:30pm

R 3pm-5pm

MTH 025 Late Start- HQA and MQC:

MTH 049:

Danielle's MTH 049 Room

F 12pm-1pm

Stephanie's MTH 049 Room

M 10am-11am

R 10am-12pm

F 10am-12ppm

MTH 049- Late Start MQD:

MTH 125:

Kris's MTH 125 Room

T R 9am-10am

Scott's MTH 125 Room

M W 1pm-2pm, 3pm-5pm

MTH 151:

Kris's MTH 151 Room

M W 3pm-5pm

STA 261:

Danielle's STA 261 Room

M 11:30am-12:30pm

F 10am-11am, 1pm-2pm

Stephanie's STA 261 Room

M 11am-12pm

STA 261- Late Start MQB: