Ben Hoerter

Ben HoerterMy Name is: Ben Hoerter

My graduating year: 2021

My major is: Applied Biology- Focusing on Medicine

I tutor: CHM 141, 142

             BIO 115, 116

Three facts that I would like to share: I love working in the research labs in Oxford. I'm passionate about medicine and science of any kind. I enjoy biking and playing board games.

My goals after college: My plan is to pursue a dual doctorate program MD/PhD. Eventually pursuing a career in research related to aging, cancer, and Alzheimer's disease.

Some of my achievements are: I'm on the Dean's List. I've been told that I'm the favorite son ( Also, the least favorite by default).

I would describe myself as: I would say I am ambitious, honest, and open.

My personal motto is: Ask questions, even if they are the wrong ones. You'll learn how to ask the right ones.

I admire: Joe Rogan, he asks people the questions I wish I could. He isn't afraid to admit he doesn't know things. He has inspired me to learn from my mistakes and work for the best me.

My secret talent is: I'm great at whistling and singing in the shower.