David Mills

David Mills

My name is: David Mills

My graduating year:  2021

My major is: Mechanical Engineering

I tutor: Math

What three facts would you like to share: example: What is your favorite subject? What student organization do you participate in? What are your hobbies?: My favorite subject is circuits. I build and sell computers on my own time and enjoy military aviation like fighter jets and bombers. I also enjoy 80s rock and pop when I am driving or have some free time.

What are your goals after college?: My goals are to get a good job in aviation or another field of engineering and to start a family.

What are some of your achievements?: I've been on the Dean's List and honor roll in high school. I am also in the middle of buying my first house.

How would you describe yourself?: i take my time with people and make sure they have as many resources as I can give them. I try to be as accommodating as possible because it's what I would want if I were someone else.

What is your personal motto?: Treat others how you want to be treated.

Who do you admire and why?: I admire my parents. They're hard workers and have done so much for me.

If you would meet any famous person, alive or dead, who would it be and why?: George Harrison, I'd want to know how he put up with Lennon everyday.

What is your typical day like?: My typical weekday is full of studying, tutoring, working, and going to class. I don't get much time to myself so I enjoy it more when I do. If I am not at school studying or learning, then I am doing the same at work. I always try to learn something wherever I go.

What is a secret talent of yours?:  I'm good at bartering. I've gotten some good deals on my cars and appliances.