Kim Smith

Kim Smith

My name is: Kim Smith

My graduating year:  2020

My major is: Forensic Science

I tutor:

CHM 141,142,144,145,363,364

BIO 116

Three facts I would like to share: My favorite subject is, of course, anything science related, but more specifically chemistry or genetics. I work another job outside tutoring; I am also a file clerk and office runner at McGowan & Jacobs, LLC. In downtown Hamilton. In my free time, I like to play Fortnite, workout, play soccer, or watch The Office.

My goals after college? After college, I plan on working in a local crime lab to process evidence. However, I am also open to the idea of furthering my education in a related field. I have entertained the idea of earning my Ph.D. and running for the position as County Coroner, as I am very interested in working in the Coroner’s Office.

Some of my achievements are: One of my greatest achievements was graduating Salutatorian form Hamilton High School in 2-16 with a GPA of 5.00. More recently, I have earned at least 3 scholarships for my academic excellence to aid in my repayment for school. I n addition to this, I have maintained a 4.00 GPA thus far in my college career, something that I am very proud of.

I would describe myself as: I would describe myself as meticulous, highly organized, a perfectionist, and passionate about everything that is involved in my life.

My personal motto is: My personal motto is “Take the risk or lose the chance”, pushing me to step outside of my comfort zone more often.

I admire: I admire my father. My father has been through a lot. He was in the military for four years, then came home, married my mom and started his own construction company. Before I was even before, he had an accident on the job, a wall fell on him, and he broke his back in multiple places. He was not supposed to live and he definitely was not supposed to walk. However, my father is still here and I am here now too since he did not give up. My father refused to accept that he was paralyzed, and he walks and works out daily. He always believes in himself over any other person and pushes himself to get where he wants to be, no matter what others say. He beats the odds sometimes and it really inspires me.