Trivia with Student Activities

Join the Event on Google Hangouts

Instructions for logging onto Google Hangouts

Via Calendar

  • Log in to your G-Mail account
  • From your inbox page, click on the 9-dot grid in the upper right corner near the Profile Section of the page
  • After clicking on the grid search for Calendar
  • Once you are in the Google Calendar, look for April 30th.
  • For April 30th, please click on the Regionals Kahoot Trivia event 
  • From there you will need to click on “Join Hangouts Meet”
  • Once you are on the Hangouts page, click join the meeting
  • If captions are needed, you can do so after joining

Via Hangouts

  • Follow Steps a and b for Via Calendar
  • Then find Meet (Green Icon with Camera)
  • Click on Event 
  • Then click "Join Hangouts Meet"

Via Other Method

  • Find the Google Hangouts link
  • Then click on link
  • Then Click "Join Hangouts Meet"

Instructions for Logging onto to Kahoot

  • From your internet browser on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop go to 
  • Type in PIN
  • Choose Appropriate Name
  • Play