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Evan Wilfong

Evan Wilfong, Admission Counselor
Harry T. Wilks Conference Center, Hamilton Campus
Email: Evan.Wilfong@MiamiOH.edu
Text: 513-912-2296


  • I was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH. I attended James N Gamble Montessori High School.


  • I graduated from Miami University with a Bachelor of Integrative Studies degree in December of 2022.

Favorite thing about Miami Regionals

  • My favorite thing about Miami Regionals is the smaller classes, which opened up many opportunities for me to connect with my professors as well as my classmates, creating a better environment for me to thrive in.
  • Another thing that I enjoy about Miami Regionals are the spaces within the school and small events that they hold. These events allowed me to meet different people that may not look like me, and come from different backgrounds and I learned from these different perspectives.

Interesting Facts

  • I love combat sports such as boxing and MMA. They have been a part of my life for a long time, and I have participated in tournaments like the NAGA and OGC.
  • I am a huge fan of Anime as well. Some of my favorites shows are Soul Eater, Jujustu Keisen and HunterXHunter just to name a few.

Here's how I can help you

  • As a former student of Miami Regionals I can assist in explaining what the college experience at Miami Regionals is like.
  • I can also answer any questions about some of our spaces around the Miami Hamilton campus, such as the DEI Center and ROSA.