Jan Marhefka

Jan Marhefaka headshot

Jan, a 1992 and 1994 graduate with an associates and bachelors in nursing from Miami University, was a high school 3 sport athlete and 4 year Lady Harrier basketball player. Being one of only six women on the roster, Jan played both point and shooting guard, rarely ever coming off the court. Jan, a team captain was characterized by her leadership, and ability on the offensive end, averaging 15  points a game. In addition to being an excellent basketball player, she was an active student on campus, having an active role in student government and was even nominated for the Presidents Distinguished service award.

Following her time at Miami University, Jan worked as a registered Nurse at Fort Hamilton, working her way up to Director of Nursing. She has worked in leadership roles within the hospital for 21 years, and is currently an administrator at the Lindner Center of Hope. She has 3 children, one of which is a Mi ami Hamilton Junior. She looks back on her time at miami with fond memories, saying "those days were some of the best of her life".