Miami University Hamilton Athletics Hall of Fame Nomination Criteria

Eligibility Requirements

A nominee shall:

  1. Have attended and played for MUH for at least one academic year
  2. Have been disassociated with the university for a period of at least five years (does not have to have graduated from MUH)

Selection Criteria

Nominees who meet the eligibility requirements will be considered for induction to the Athletic Hall of Fame in two categories of membership: Individual and Special Citation. The criteria for selection in each category follow:


Athletic performance, team contributions, achievement and/or leadership in sports competition is evidenced by:

  1. Post-season honors, such as All-Conference, All-Academic, etc. 
  2. Contributing to team success, i.e. conference championship, state tournament championship 
  3. Record-setting performances 
  4. Winning individual championships 
  5. Holding the position of team captain 
  6. Additional involvement on campus 
  7. Athletic achievement after MUH will be considered, including participation and achievement in professional, Olympic, and amateur athletics, but only as a complement to the individual’s athletic career while at MUH.

Special Citation

Coaches and associate members, administrators, and contributors

  • Coaches must have compiled a significant winning record for a minimum of five complete seasons while contributing to the future success, either in college or employment, of the athletes who competed for them. 

  • Associate members, administrators, and contributors must have made special contributions to the quality, growth, and reputation of Miami Hamilton’s intercollegiate athletic program at the community, state, or national level.

Miami University Athletics Hall of Fame Nomination Form