Photography Contest

A student taking a photo of 3 people at the Middletown campus.

Photography Guidelines

Photos must be high quality, preferably with a resolution of 300 DPI. Up to four total photo contest submissions are welcome (one submission per category).


  • Candid photos sometimes work better than a posed shot
  • Find a unique background
  • Outdoor images usually have better lighting than indoor ones
  • Take a variety of unique photos and submit your best work
  • Please limit the use of social media filters


Student Life: What’s it like to be a student at Miami University Regionals? This photo would show student(s) conducting their day-to-day activities like studying or participating in student organizations or athletics.

Cross-Cultural Moment: One of the great things about Miami University Regionals is the diversity of our student body and staff. This photo could show cultural events or interactions with students from a culture or country different from your own.

People and Portraits: Capture an artistic shot of a person or group of people you’ve encountered. Make sure you have the persons consent.

I am Miami: This photo would show Miami student(s) showing school pride.


Photos submitted to this contest will become public and could be shared broadly via social media. Before submitting any photo, please consider the following questions:
  • Is your photo culturally sensitive and respectful?
  • Have you considered possible negative ways it might be interpreted by others?
  • Did the person/people in the photo consent to the photo being submitted?

Code of Conduct

Videos and photography should be appropriate for public viewing and reflect Miami’s values and code of conduct. The following are prohibited and may be cause for disqualification:

  • Images/video clips that depict alcohol or illegal substances 

  • Images/video clips in unsafe locations and/or poses

  • Illegally downloaded music or copyrighted music/content
  • Explicit or inappropriate language

  • Images/video clips that include bathing suits or other inappropriate clothing

Evaluation Criteria

Entries will be judged on creativity, breadth of content and effectiveness in highlighting the unique qualities of Miami University Regionals.


The grand prize winner in each category (4) will win a mobile photography kit valued at $80. The winning pictures will also be displayed on Miami University Regionals campuses.