Prep for Fall 2020: Enhanced for Temporary Online Delivery Course Setup Checklist

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Enhanced for Temporary Online Delivery Course Setup Checklist

Ready to get started putting together your Enhanced for Temporary Online Delivery course for Fall 2020? Use this checklist to make sure you’ve completed all the necessary steps for setting up a well-organized course site for your students:

Before You Start: Required Training

Recommended timeframe: as soon as possible

Planning Your Canvas Course Site

Recommended timeframe: 6 weeks prior to start of term

Course Framework Setup

  •  Import the “Miami Regionals Canvas Course Template for Fall 2020” from Canvas Commons into your Fall course(s) to get a head start on creating your course framework.
  •  Determine the best way to organize your course modules (i.e. by day/class session, by course unit, by chapter, etc.) and add or delete modules from your course as needed. Note: Using Modules to organize your course content is required for Fall 2020.
    •  If desired, schedule an Announcement letting students know their course is structured using Modules and how they can navigate course content.

Syllabus & Instructor Information

Note: You must use the Syllabus page in your Canvas course site for Fall 2020.

  •  Edit the Syllabus page in your Canvas course to reflect important course and instructor information.

Planning and Developing Your Course Content

Recommended timeframe: 4-5 weeks prior to start of term

Planning Content

Adding Content to Canvas

Note: All learning activities and assessments must be built into your Canvas course site(s). Students must submit all course work through Canvas Assignments, Discussions, or Quizzes.

  •  Link in lecture materials for each Module in the "Module X Lecture Material" pages within the template.
  •  Edit (or delete, or add more of) the Canvas Discussions, Assignments, and Quizzes according to your needs. Make sure all graded activities have due dates assigned to them.
  •  If desired, add “Module Overview” pages at the start of each Module to summarize and prepare students for the learning activities that they will engage with in each Module.

Setting Up Your Gradebook

Recommended timeframe: 2-3 weeks prior to start of term

Note: All grading is required to be recorded in the Canvas Gradebook for Fall 2020.

  •  If you’ll be weighting grades in your course, set up weighted categories in your Canvas Gradebook:
  •  Determine whether you want grades to be posted immediately upon input, or if you’d like to hide grades until you’re finished grading all submissions, and adjust Canvas settings accordingly.

Final Course Setup

Recommended timeframe: 1-2 weeks prior to start of term

Adding Instructor Presence

  •  Record a welcome video for your course, and post it in a Canvas Discussion, Page, or Announcement.
  •  Write a welcome email to send out to your students when your course starts, or a day or two beforehand.

E-Campus Consultation

  •  Use Calendly to schedule a course consultation with E-Campus. We are happy to provide feedback and suggestions as well as answer and questions or concerns during that time. These can be done via web conference or shared document. Once you schedule/submit your meeting request in Calendly, you will receive an event invitation in the email you provided during scheduling. Use this email to add the consultation to your own calendar as well.

Final Canvas Site Setup


Note: To print out this checklist, expand all of the sections before using the Print command in your menu's browser. 


Looking for more guidance?

For a more detailed walkthrough on performing each of the steps listed in this checklist, check out our self-paced interactive Enhanced for Temporary Online Delivery: Canvas Course Site Setup Guide.