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The staff in the Regionals Office of Marketing and Communications works with its clients to ensure all print pieces, websites and videos adhere to Miami University branding standards.

If you have any questions or need approved fonts, logos, graphic elements or additional information, please contact

Miami University Regionals Logo

Miami University Regionals Logos

Miami University Regionals utilizes a logo lock-up that lives underneath the main Miami University (Oxford) logo. You are able to download the Regionals logo and various department/office lock-ups from photoshelter. Ensuring proper placement of these logos is key to maintaining the Miami Brand. Visit the branding standards page and contact Marketing and Communications with any questions. 

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Miami University Seal

Miami University Seal

The university seal should only be used by the president's office for ceremonial or official documents, and on certain items of distinction. It should be used only in approved versions and should NOT be used in marketing or promotional material. Oxford Office of University Communications and Marketing should be contacted for any projects using the seal to determine appropriate usage.


Miami University Seal


Our colors are an extremely important part of our brand. Color offers an instantaneous method for conveying meaning and messages of Miami's brand without words. For that reason, whenever possible, official brand colors should be utilized in all messaging, across all media platforms.

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Different styles of the adelle mu font


The Miami Regionals brand uses two primary typefaces, the first being Adelle MU. This typeface is used for headlines and subheads, and very sparingly for body copy. The second primary typeface in the Miami Regionals brand is Gotham. This typeface is used for headlines and subheads, and is the primary body copy font.

In situations where Adelle MU and Gotham are not available online, Roboto Slab can be substituted for Adelle MU, and Helvetica can be substituted for Gotham.