Miami Regionals unveils student wellness initiatives to support student success

By Val Prevish for Miami University Regionals
Students playing volleyball on the campus quad
Students understand better than anyone how stress, anxiety, sleep loss, or depression can impact their day-to-day success in school. That’s why their input is being sought in the creation of new health and wellness initiatives aimed at addressing these health issues before they become obstacles to students’ achievement.

It’s no secret that good health is essential for success in school and in life. The Regionals Health and Wellness Steering Committee was organized to address this critical need at Miami University Regionals and its mission is to make students aware of programs and facilities on campus that are ready to help when they feel overwhelmed.

Dee Kinney, assistant professor in the Department of Education and Society and chair of the Regionals Health and Wellness Steering Committee, said she hopes to engage a large group of students to take part in the committee and offer their unique insights on ways the university can make a difference for student health.

“Students’ voice at the table is really necessary,” said Kinney. “We are looking to recruit a diverse group of students to help us identify all the ways health and wellness impact students from varied backgrounds. This is an opportunity open to all students, regardless of their major.”

Kinney has organized a tiered system of participation for students, so being part of the committee can fit into their busy schedules.

  • Wellness Warriors – Students participating at this level would be willing to come to one or two meetings per semester and participate in at least one subcommittee with occasional meetings.
  • Wellness Guardians – Participants at this level would attend one to two one-hour meetings each semester.
  • Wellness Champions – This level would not include any meetings, only contributions of ideas through email and Google Docs.
She points out that participation in the committee offers not only critical support for campus health programs, it is also an excellent tool for resume building. Employers look for examples of student leadership and initiative, she said, and being a part of a campus-wide committee highlights these skills.

As part of the overall goal of improving campus health and wellness, the committee has also launched a fundraising drive in connection with #MoveInMiami called Regional Wellness Warriors. The campaign’s goal is $1,500, which will fund mini-grants for campus-wide events that could be used toward meals to combat food insecurity and provide social connection, a relaxation room during final exams with amenities like a massage chair, plus opportunities for connection with fellow students through outings or events on campus.