Booking Contacts

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Space Contact How to Reserve
MUH/MUM Classroom Campus Records & Registration
Greentree Health Science Academy MUM Records & Registration
Voice of America Learning Center Academic Use OR
Voice of America Learning Center Non Academic Use OR 513-785-3070
MUH: Schwarm Commons, Jack Rhodes Study and 200, 202 & 206 Wilks 2nd Floor Classrooms MUH Records & Registration
MUH: Harry T. Wilks Conference Center Brett Couch OR 513-785-3070
MUH: Parrish Auditorium Academic Use OR 513-785-3157
MUH: Parrish Auditorium Non Academic Use OR 513-785-3070
MUH: Gym Chris Settle OR 513-785-3112
MUH: 202 Mosler Hall (Conference Room) Linda Rosenberger OR 513-785-3200
Miami Hamilton Downtown Center John Vaughn OR 513-867-8400
MUH: The Conservatory Meeting Room or The Collection Rooms Daniel Gladish OR 513-785-3086
MUH: 222 Rentschler Hall Meeting Room Kate Schulte OR 513-785-3212
MUH: 1968 Room Linda Rosenberger OR 513-785-3200
MUM: Miriam G. Knoll Campus & Community Center, Dave Finkelman Auditorium, Verity Lodge Brett Couch OR 513-785-3070
MUM: Hawk Haven, Johnston Hall Balcony Lounge, Quad and Hallways and the Lobby of Levey & Thesken Halls   Brett Couch OR 513-785-3070
MUM: 135 Johnston Hall (Conference Room) Dean’s Office  513-727-3211
MUM: 116 Johnston Hall (Conference Room) Admission  Sarah Wooten
MUM: Star Lounge or Group Study Area @ Library Gardner-Harvey Library 513-727-3222