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Canceled: Getting Started Selling In Amazon Stores


Join SBDC at Miami Regionals and Amazon’s Small Business Academy for a free webinar covering the opportunities for selling your products in Amazon Stores. You’ll learn best practices for getting started and all of the resources available to you as you begin your Amazon entrepreneurial journey.

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Canceled: Business To Business Sales


Join SBDC at Miami Regionals and Amazon’s Small Business Academy for a free webinar with information about how to expand your sales opportunities in Amazon Stores. You’ll get great tips directly from Amazon about selling into businesses and procurement departments via Amazon Stores.

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Canceled: Transitioning From "Side Gig" to "Main Gig"

JUN 10 9:30AM

Have you ever wondered how you can quit your ‘day job’ and start making money at your side gig? How do you take your passion, skill, or craft and turn it into a real business? We will discuss ways to: turn your hobby or skill into a legitimate business and scale it; monetize the very thing that you love doing; things you need to be aware of when turning your ‘side gig’ into your ‘main gig’.

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Canceled: Present A+ Content For Your Amazon Store

JUN 16 1PM

Join SBDC at Miami Regionals and Amazon’s Small Business Academy for a free webinar where you’ll learn how to enhance your Amazon Stores’ listings! You’ll get tips for creating rich brand content exclusively for brand owners and find service providers standing by to help you with your Amazon selling account.

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Canceled: Multi-Channel Fulfillment

JUN 23 1PM

Join SBDC at Miami Regionals and Amazon’s Small Business Academy for a free webinar where you’ll learn how to leverage Amazon’s logistics network for your sales outside of Amazon Stores.

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Steps to Starting a Business

JUL 8 9:30AM

Starting a business now might not be that crazy. Learn how to open your own business in Ohio. Personal assessment Business idea evaluation Do I need a business plan? Funding your startup ... and more 30 min Q&A.

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Retirement Options for Business Owners

JUL 22 9:30AM

Did you know that business owners can recruit and retain employees with affordable retirement benefits?

How can business owners create a retirement nest egg for themselves? Regardless if you're a 1-person business or an owner of a large company, personal & business retirement planning tend to get pushed to the side as you focus on the day-to-day activities of managing & growing your business. Take a minute TODAY to think about how implementing a retirement program into your business can help you save for retirement and offer significant benefits to your business and your employees (if you have any). Learn how to:

  • Defining the different types of retirement plans
  • Explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each and which is the best for your business
  • How retirement plans can benefit your employees, and increase employee retention
  • Potential tax benefits to you and your business for each plan
  • How succession planning, retirement planning, and wealth management are crucial for your future success.

Speaker(s): Vasili Zois, The Zois Group

This is a hybrid workshop (in-person with a virtual option):

Ohio SBDC at Miami University
Commerce Hub at Voice of America Learning Center
Room 127
7847 VOA Park Dr.
West Chester, OH 45069

If you prefer to participate virtually, please email us at least 2 days prior to the event to let us know.

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How to Market your E-Commerce Business in 2021

JULY 29 9:30AM

Setting up successful revenue streams is a necessary step in the life of an e-commerce business. Understanding the best marketing strategies across multiple platforms is a great way to get there. 

Join OH SBDC at Miami Regionals and Michelle Hummel, CEO of Web Strategy Plus, for a free webinar covering up-to-date marketing practices for your e-commerce business. You’ll learn all the important details about selling your products online through various platforms.

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Business Ownership: Franchise or Non-Franchise

AUG 5 9:30AM

So, you want to be a business owner, but you are not quite sure if a franchise model is right for you. In this session, we will discuss:

  • the differences between a franchise business compared to a non-franchise business
  • the differences between a franchisee vs. a licensee
  • the pros and cons of franchises vs. non-franchises
  • how to know which model is best for you

..and many more.

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How to Use a Social Media Dashboard for Marketing Your Business

AUG 10 9:30AM

Utilizing social media as a marketing tool for your business is a great decision. But to be truly effective, you need to track important metrics and data across platforms, and schedule to all social media platforms at once. Using a social media dashboard does just that.

Join OH SBDC at Miami Regionals and Michelle Hummel, CEO of Web Strategy Plus, for a free webinar focusing on the basics of using a social media dashboard. You’ll learn how to harness data and key metrics to market your brand successfully, and how to save time promoting your business.

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5 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Engagement

AUG 31 9:30AM

When customers engage with your brand on social media, it builds loyalty and community around your business. Long-term success is often built on these interactions, and there are many ways to implement them into your marketing strategy.

OH SBDC at Miami Regionals is partnering with Michelle Hummel, CEO of Web Strategy Plus, to deliver a free webinar on 5 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Engagement. During this event, you’ll gain a range of creative ideas to build your brand through social media engagement.

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Workplace Diversity

SEP 2 9:30AM

What does diversity mean to you, as a business owner? … To your employees? 

With the growing focus of diversity in the workplace, we will discuss:

  • how to recognize and embrace diversity in your workplace
  • how and why to source some of the best employee candidates from a diverse pool
  • legally and logistically what you need to be aware of as a business owner with a diverse workforce

Join us for and enlightening view about workplace diversity and how to tackle the employee challenges around finding good people.

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5 Proven Ways to Increase Sales with Social Media

SEP 28  9:30AM

Having a robust social media presence will do great things for your business. By increasing your brand awareness, you are opening your business up to more sales! Once you have a solid social media strategy, you should expect to see success.

Join us at OH SBDC Miami Regionals with Michelle Hummel, CEO of Web Strategy Plus and social media expert, for a free webinar on 5 Proven Ways to Increase Sales with Social Media. You’ll learn best practices, backed by stats, to help you improve your social media marketing strategy. She will show you exactly how to monitor, measure, and manage your content easily.

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