Curriculum Goals and Typical Schedule

Boys looking through magnifying glasses looking at something on a table.
 A campus kids teacher sitting on the floor reading to 2 children.
 Campus Kids teaching showing 2 little girls a leaf that was found outside.
 2 boys playing at the sand table outside.
 2 boys playing with shapes.

Curriculum Goals

At Campus Kids our goal is to enhance the whole child through developmentally appropriate activities. We understand that each child develops at an individual rate. We also believe that children construct their own knowledge by touching, manipulating, exploring, and playing. Children learn important social and emotional skills by interacting with the environment and the people in the environment. We feel that it is important to guide children in learning skills to solve problems through conflict resolution. We provide developmentally appropriate activities which allow children to practice and master skills in the cognitive, physical, language, literacy, social, and emotional domains in a safe and positive environment. We also respect each child and family and the diversity each family brings into the program.

Social and Emotional Goals

  • To develop positive social skills, problem solving, and conflict resolution skills.
  • To develop a positive sense of themselves by offering opportunities for the child to succeed and express their ideas and creativity.
  • To learn how to identify and appropriately express their emotions.
  • To develop a respect for individual and cultural differences.

Physical Development Goals

  • To develop their large muscles through climbing, running, throwing, catching, going to the gym and playing outside.
  • To develop their small muscles through puzzles, cutting, writing, play dough and manipulatives.
  • To have children become aware of and practice good health, safety and nutrition skills.

Cognitive Development Goals

  • To provide opportunities to think create, question, hypothesize and explore.
  • To encourage free expression and creativity through art, music, and dance.
  • To enhance logical and symbolic thinking.
  • To actively participate in the learning process.

Language and Literacy Development Goals

  • To increase vocabulary including comprehension and expression.
  • To recognize that print has meaning including the child’s name.
  • To develop phonological awareness.
  • To provide many opportunities to practice writing.
  • To enjoy literacy.
  • To facilitate language skills starting first with oral, then moving to written.
*Nutritional morning and afternoon snacks are provided by Campus Kids
**Parents must provide lunch if their child attends during lunchtime
A Typical Daily Schedule
Time Events
7:30 Arrival and self-chosen activities
9:00 Interest areas-learning activities
9:30 Wash hands and snack*
10:00 Interest areas-learning activities
11:30 Lunch for toddlers**
11:45 Story time and/or music
12:00 Lunch**
12:30 Quiet time on cots
1:30 Self-chosen activities
2:45 Story time and/or music
3:00 Wash hands and snack
3:30 Interest areas and learning centers
4:00 Outside-enclosed outdoor play area when weather permits; Indoor motor skills play
4:30 Self-chosen activities and preparing to go home