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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use webex on my phone instead of laptop/desktop?


Meetings for Webex can be joined through the Webex app as well as selecting the link from your email. Stable internet or data connection is needed to run a smooth meeting. To use the app features, you have to have a smartphone or other compatible device.

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It’s my registration day and I can’t get webex to work. Who should I call?

Call Regional Academic Advising!

They are able to help you troubleshoot, or reschedule your appointment.

Hamilton: 513-785-3129
Middletown: 513-727-3440

I don’t feel comfortable using video or don’t have video capabilities. Am I able to just call in?


You can absolutely call into a webex meeting. To do so, go to the link that is provided in the email that advising should have sent you, and click on it. There will be joining instructions available. There is also a phone number that you can call, along with an access code that is provided to access the meeting.

Another option is to still use your computer or phone to log into the meeting, but turn off your video before you join the room! Either way, we look forward to meeting with you.

I am logging into the advising session from home… is it okay if my family is in the background?

Yes: but please be aware that FERPA-covered information will be discussed during this meeting. If you want a person besides yourself to have access to your academic records, please have a FERPA release signed and on file (instructions provided at the first link below).

We suggest an environment with minimal distractions so you and your academic advisor can make the best schedule possible, and you will be able to hear each other clearly. If this means that you would like to reschedule your appointment, give advising a call today!

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I know the advising email was sent to my Miami email, but I already have an email I check more often. Can my Miami Email be forwarded to a personal one?

Yes, but we suggest flipping this process to checking your Miami email account most often. If you are interested in setting up the email forwarding process, here are some things to keep in mind:

When using the Gmail app on a device, you can sign in to both your Miami email, and a Personal and switch back and forth as you please

Miami email is only supported through the Gmail app as well as the default email application that comes with your device. Simply sign in using the Gmail option.

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