University Services (PFD, Print Center, Catering)

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Physical Facilities Department

It is the responsibility of the student organization to make specific arrangements with PFD for their services.

Student organizations can request Physical Facilities services by emailing NOTE: There may be physical facilities charges associated with some of the requested services/locations.

Be sure to provide detailed information regarding requests, particularly as it relates to delivery/service location and time. You need to enter one request for each service you are requesting. Give a contact number that you can be reached at in case further information is needed. You must include an account number with each service request.

Tables and Chairs

Tables and chairs are available at no charge when they are delivered and picked up during normal business hours (7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.). If they must be delivered or picked up after hours or on a weekend, there will be a charge. There will also be a charge for lost or damaged furniture.

If you request early delivery for an outdoor event, you must specify and arrange access for an indoor location to secure the furniture prior to the event starting. If the event ends after normal business hours the furniture must be returned to the secure indoor location until it is picked up.

Make sure your service request is detailed. For large outdoor spaces (parking lots, dining halls), be sure to specify where you want equipment dropped off.

The primary contact for questions regarding larger, complex student organization events with multiple PFD service requests is Brett Couch (513-785-3070,

Printing Services

Wide format printing can be requested through the Gardner-Harvey Library on the Middletown campus. This is for a minimal fee.

Student organizations also have access to free, limited printing for student organization materials ONLY at the Regional Office of Student Activities at the respective campus once they have reached tier 2.

  • Middletown: Johnston 129
  • Hamilton: Schwarm 122