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Research Proposals and Preparation

Discover all the tools and resources you need to prepare and submit research proposals, including Cayuse, our electronic routing and submission system, as well as institutional data, budget, and grant-writing resources.

Budget Resources

Budgets included in grant proposals to government agencies, private foundations, corporations, and other external agencies must be reviewed and approved prior to submission. Research & Sponsored Programs consultants provide advice and assistance with budget preparation. Budget templates are available through your Research and Sponsored Programs representative.

Data Management Plans is an online consortium to help researchers like you write data management plans. It is customized with specific step-by-step guidance for each of the major funders, including DOD, DOE, DOJ, DOT, IMLS, Moor Foundation, NASA, NEH, NIH, NIJ, NOAA, National Science Foundation (NSF), Sloan Foundation, US Department of Agriculture, US Department of Education, US Geological Survey. The tool also provides sample plans for reference to copy and build upon.

Most major funders are requiring data management plans to be included with grant applications. These one- to two-page documents detail how the principal investigators will collect, manage, process, store and disseminate data collected or created by their project. A driving factor for funders is to encourage dissemination and sharing of research data subsidized by their grant.

To help grant applicants achieve Data Management Plan requirements, Research & Sponsored Programs and Miami University Libraries have established a collaborative partnership. Researchers consult with a data or metadata librarian about best practices for data management. This prepares them for writing the data management portion of their grant application and along with the guidance, assures that the plans follow existing guidelines and standards.

The Miami University Libraries also offers and encourages researchers to store their data (along with associated metadata) in the data repository section of The Miami Scholarly Commons – our university’s preservation system for scholarly works.

These services are offered free of charge by the libraries, requiring no additional budget line for data management. You can submit a private draft of your work for professional review prior to submitting a grant proposal.


Grant Writing Resources

We offer grant editing and proofreading assistance to all faculty and staff on an as-available basis, and — with sufficient notice — grant writing assistance for large, programmatic grants. In addition, we recommend the following grant writing resources.



  • Grant Seeking in Higher Education: Strategies and Tools for College Faculty, by Mary M. Licklider and the University of Missouri Grant Writer Network; Jossey-Bass; ISBN 978-1-118-19247-4
  • Print copies of Research & Sponsored Programs' Guide to Proposal Development are available in the RSP office or from any RSP staffer.

Face to Face

The Howe Writing Center
King Library Main Floor

Research & Sponsored Programs periodically leads or hosts agency- or topic-specific and general grant writing workshops. Contact Amy Cooper for more information.

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