Restarting Suspended Research

In anticipation of a relaxation of stay at home orders, the Vice President for Research & Innovation (VPRI) empanelled a committee of faculty and staff from all campuses to develop principles, guidelines, and procedures for a safe return to labs and studios. The 26 committee members were selected via nominations by chairs and deans.

The committee has developed a university-approved plan to return to research. The return to research (“R2R”) plan, which will be implemented in phases starting June 1, 2020, consists of two parts:

  1. "Guiding Principles for a Discipline-Based Approach to Restarting Research" was adapted from a large collaboration among the vice presidents of research at almost all APLU schools.
  2. "Ramp-Up Planning and Implementation" describes the phased approach to re-starting labs and studios and provides detailed guidance and supporting materials on what needs to be done to return to labs and studios.

Contact Us: Restarting Research

Alicia Knoedler
Vice President for Research & Innovation
102 Roudebush Hall