Instrumentation Lab Guidelines

Users of this facility are reminded that all university infection control policies apply, including:

  • Face masks covering the nose and mouth are required to be worn in any shared space indoors.
  • At least six feet (2 meters) of distance must always be maintained between people.
  • Persons entering this facility must be free of recognized COVID-19 symptoms including: fever, sore throat, anosmia, chills, generalized muscle pain, or shortness of breath.

Facility use policies

  1. Maximum occupancy of this room is 3.
    Depending on room shape, maximum occupancy should be determined by:
    • 1 person per 150 ft2
    • Minimum 6 feet of distance between boundaries of workstations.
  2. Normal PPE (gloves) usage, as per non-COVID-19 conditions
  3. Authorized personnel: Mike Weeks, Jayson Alexander, and Kyle Turner.
  4. Please sanitize materials or equipment used by:
    • Spraying rag with 70% ethanol and wiping down equipment surfaces
    • DO NOT spray 70% ethanol directly on equipment
  5. Please wash hands upon entering and before leaving the facility. Hand sanitizer is also available at the entrance to the facility.

Contact Us: Instrumentation Lab Guidelines

Mike Weeks
Instrumentation Lab Director