Center for Advanced Microscopy & Imaging (CAMI) Guidelines

Users of this facility are reminded that all university infection control policies apply, including:

  • Face masks covering the nose and mouth are required to be worn in any shared space indoors.
  • At least six feet (2 meters) of distance must always be maintained between users.
  • Persons entering this facility must be free of recognized COVID 19 symptoms, including fever, sore throat, anosmia, chills, generalized muscle pain, or shortness of breath.

Part 1: General considerations

  1. CAMI will be restricted to swipe card access 24 hours a day.
  2. 70% ethanol decontamination at the beginning and end of each workday until we confirm what cleaners we can use on what instrument surfaces.
  3. Signage describing procedures for CAMI will be posted at each entry.
  4. No unauthorized users, or guests (e.g. tour groups) during Fall 2020 semester.
  5. All users (undergraduate, graduate, technicians/staff, faculty) will need prior approval by the director for access.
  6. Users will be required to use a face covering, any of the following types:
    • N95 mask
    • Cloth mask
    • Cloth bandanna
    • Cloth covering
  7. Gloves are not required, but we ask that users wash their hands on entry and prior to exit.
  8. If there are too many people in the CAMI (i.e. a user has run overtime), the last person in must leave and wait outside (with social distancing) until the overtime user leaves the facility. In these cases, CAMI staff should be contacted so that these events can be mitigated.
  9. Students can continue to make appointments for advising sessions etc., but all such sessions must be either from remote locations or in the CAMI conference room.

Part 2: Specific procedures

  1. Main: Upham Hall Lab B Room 8
    • Maximum occupancy of this room is 4. Sub room 8A (Graphics Lab) is not included in this limit.
    • Please sanitize materials or equipment used by appropriate method determined by material:
      • Books, paper, and other porous, chemically intolerant materials: Remove from circulation for 48 hours.
      • Surfaces: Wipe clean with a solution of: 70% Alcohol (ethyl or isopropyl)
  2. Graphics: Upham Hall Lab B Room 8A
    • Maximum occupancy of this room is 3. One person per workstation.
    • Please sanitize materials or equipment used by wiping clean with a solution of 70% alcohol (ethyl or isopropyl).
  3. Ultramicrotome: Upham Hall Lab B Room 8B
    • Maximum occupancy of this room is 1.
    • Please sanitize materials or equipment used by wiping clean with a solution of 70% alcohol (ethyl or isopropyl).
  4. Scopes and equipment
    • Schedule (online) and limit the physical usage of microscopes and equipment to 1 person per piece of equipment. Microscope rooms may have 2 people as long as social distancing can be maintained. Only 1 person may operate the instrument; the second could be an observer or CAMI staff. Face shields will be worn during teaching. There will be no drop-in training; this must be scheduled in advance.
    • Scope times will be in 3-hour blocks with the final 30 minutes reserved for instrument/room wipe down. Spray bottles of 70% ethanol and water and towels will be provided in each scope room.
    • A table will be set up in the front area of Room 8 that will include cleaning equipment, towels, cleaning procedures, and contact information.
    • The book shelves in Room 8 can be used a drop-off/pick-up location.
    • Computer keyboards in all rooms will be wrapped in plastic wrap to permit cleaning and disposal. Computer mice and instrument controls not able to be covered will be wiped down before and after use.


Contact Us: CAMI Guidelines

Richard Edelmann
CAMI Director
513-529-5712 or 513-255-8204

Matt Duley
Microscopy Specialist
513-529-4164 or 513-885-4163