Computational Research

Updated March 17, 2020

The following prerequisites apply to remote computational work conducted on the Redhawk cluster:

  • The software being used must be available for Linux. Please direct requests for installation of specific software
  • If the software is commercial, it may be necessary to purchase a separate license.

To request an account on the cluster for yourself or a student, select the "Request to be a Sponsor" button on the cluster management website. Once an account has been established, researchers will receive further instructions on how to access the cluster and run software.

While the cluster can be accessed from any computer, lab computers generally cannot be accessed from the cluster. Data can be copied remotely to and from the cluster using any computer. To process data that resides on a lab computer remotely, copy the data to a laptop or mobile storage device prior to losing access to the lab computer. Exercise special care with identifiable human subjects' data. Do not place such data on a storage device or on a laptop, unless the laptop is encrypted.


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