Export Control

Miami University policy requires compliance with U.S. export control laws. These laws restrict the export of certain technical data, hardware, software, and services that are considered critical to national security interests, competitive trade policy, or foreign policy.

While some exemptions to export control laws do exist for university-based academic and basic scientific research activities, it is imperative that Miami University faculty, staff, and administrators be aware of and comply with the provisions of these laws that are applicable to university activities. Violations can result in criminal and civil action, which can in turn lead to loss of funding, fines, and imprisonment.

Detailed information about exemptions and exclusions from export control laws and university activities that might trigger export control issues, as well as instructions for assessing and managing specific circumstances is available from the Director of Research Ethics and Integrity, Neal Sullivan (513-529-2488).

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Neal Sullivan
Director of Research Ethics and Integrity
102 Roudebush Hall