Healthy Together with the Armstrong Student Center

Building Access & Hours

Certain facility access points will remain exit only under modified COVID-19 operations (e.g., Marcum Terrace Entrance). Other major entrances will be designated as entrance only, or exit only, with modifications for accessible access points.

The facility hours of operation will be: 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. through September 13, then 7:00 a.m. - midnight beginning September 14. This allows for ample cleaning time of the facility during the overnight hours.

Lounges & Public Spaces

  • Eight automatic hand sanitizer dispensers will be strategically placed throughout the building, in addition to sanitizing stations located at dining venues.
  • All lounges will operate at a reduced occupancy, which includes the removal of furniture in order to facilitate physical distancing. This includes: Shade Family Room, Cafe Lux, Red Zone Pocket Lounge, Cliff Leadership Library, CSDI, Commuter Center, C-Suite, and Cafaro Lounge.
  • In order to facilitate traffic flow throughout the building, information tables and soft furniture have been removed in order to expand traffic lanes throughout the building; narrow stairwells will be reduce to one-way traffic flow.
  • The computer lab located in ASC 3002 has been permanently removed, but print release stations remain for wireless printing.
  • Doors not fire-rated for closure will remain propped open during hours of operation in order to reduce door handle touch points.
  • Public elevators are limited to the university standard of 1 person at a time.
  • SEAL Office spaces are operating at a reduced capacity; Lauren Brassfield has notified student organizations regarding the occupancy of their office.

Occupancy for Event Spaces & Policies

L&H 1809 Retail space will remain offline during modified COVID-19 operations.

Due to restrictions for dancing and theatrical performances, and in order to temporarily store building furniture, ASC 1080, 2078, and 2084 will remain offline for the fall semester.

Large event spaces, such as Wilks Theater and Fritz Pavilion, are restricted to one reservation a day in order to allow for thorough cleaning following events. All event spaces must adhere to current CDC and state of Ohio guidelines for size and physical distancing.

Study Room Modifications

Study rooms continue to be reserved online via the LibCal website and operate at a reduced occupancy rate. Students who reserve a study room must check-in at the Information Desk in order to confirm their reservation, failure to check-in within 15 minutes of a reservation will result in cancellation of the reservation.

Study rooms will be offline from 3p-4p and 7p-8p daily in order to disinfect the spaces. A sanitation station will operate on the 2nd and 3rd floor in order to provide students with materials to disinfect a space after each use, a map to the station location can be found on the door to each study room.

Each study room will have a reduced occupancy based on square footage and social distancing requirements. If more than 1 person is in a space, face masks must be worn at all times. A face mask is not required when in the active process of eating.

Information Desk

Plexiglass shields will be installed at every major information desk throughout the building. Six foot distance markers are on the ground at the Information Desk to ensure social distancing. The reservation computer and public telephone will be removed during modified COVID-19 operations.

Red Zone

Plexiglass shields have been installed at Equipment Desk. Board games and foosball are not available for check-out during modified COVID-19 operations. Billiards and air hockey equipment must be immediately sanitized after use.

Seating arrangements are modified throughout the space in order to promote physical distancing.

Dining Operations

View general dining healthy and safety information supplied by Miami Dining Services.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning materials for office spaces will be supplied by the University and staff will be responsible for upkeep of their offices; Shriver custodial will provide assistance. Armstrong will be closed during the overnight hours in order to thoroughly clean major public thoroughfares. Air filtration system throughout the building is adjusted to the new standard procured by Physical Facilities.

Water coolers and coffee pots are not accessible during modified COVID-19 operations.

Armstrong Student Center student staff are required to wear masks during their work shift.

Office Areas & Workstations

All student work areas will adhere to physical distancing standards and public facing desks will have clear barriers installed.

Staffing Schedules

The Armstrong Student Center professional staff will operate on a rotating schedule in an effort to ensure continuity of events, and the general health of all staff members.

For student staffing, Building Managers will be relocated to the second floor, while Ambassadors will remain at the information desk. No more than 1 student staff member will be permitted in any given work space.