Informal Resolutions

In an effort to promote student learning and development, the Office of Community Standards (OCS) may allow a student who engages in Alcohol Violations deemed ‘low-level’ to resolve their case through an informal resolution process (IRP). To be considered a ‘low-level’ violation for purposes of the informal resolution process, a student may not have any disciplinary history related to Alcohol Violations and/or Complicity, at the time of the incident, and the student may not have possessed alcohol that amounts to more than five (5) standard drinks. The Office of Community Standards and/or the Office of the Dean of Students have the authority and sole discretion to determine whether or not to initiate the informal resolution process. The IRP is voluntary and primarily educational in nature. 

The IRP is not an adjudication of the allegations and is not considered a disciplinary process. The IRP will result in a written agreement with the responding student. This process may generally include, but is not limited to, a meeting with a staff member from the Office of Community Standards and completion of an agreement outlining the outcomes the student will complete to resolve the case through informal resolution. Students may only participate in IRP once and failure to complete the IRP will result in the student’s case being referred to an Administrative Hearing with the student being charged with a violation of the “Alcohol Violations” policy.